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"Read Jonni Anderson — and get a one-two punch to your heart!"
. . .Nancy L. Quatrano


HimLover or Outlaw?

Daphne Morris is engaged to the wealthy scion of an international travel agency, and she feels she has it made. . .

. . . until a chance encounter with a globetrotting photojournalist blows her life to smithereens.

When he is captured by terrorists, she must find and free him by delving into past lives and trusting a murderous smuggler with her own life.

From the glitz of the commercial world to the untamed jungles of South America, Daphne becomes the hunter — and the hunted.


The Other Side of Time

The Other Side of TimeStranded! In the wrong universe!

Having lost his wife to cancer and his career to alcohol, Jacob Tunney hits rock-bottom. Then he meets Cynthia, perhaps the woman of his dreams. Suddenly he is whisked into an alternate universe, leaving her behind. Populated by an intelligent alien species, this strange new world is also home to humans from other countries and other eras, all of them trapped like Jacob. Some are suspicious of the aliens; some are fascinated by their powers. Disagreement turns into hostility that threatens to tear the entire human community apart.

All Jacob wants is to find his way back to Cynthia, to a dream of love that seemed to hold so much hope. But how?

Provocative. Spirited. Timeless.



Cranwold Book
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A medieval city of ancient mystery. It was whispered that secret rituals stained its walls bloody during the full moon.

Gypsies called it “The City of Demons” and made signs against evil as they scurried past. Nervous travelers averted their eyes and moved on.

One bloody morning one tribe attacked another after sending emissaries of peace. It was a massacre. The captain of the attacked tribe was the only survivor, and she wanted revenge — slow and painful!

But somehow she wound up at Cranwold, the walled city everyone was so afraid of. And she learned there are other options besides revenge. . .

Cranwold changed her life. Perhaps it will change yours.



What Others Are Saying
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James Kennedy: 5 Stars****
Congratulations for writing another GREAT book!

“I thoroughly enjoyed it and was sorry when I finished it.”

Bob: 5 Stars****
Hard to put down!

“If you stir a little romance, science fiction, ...”

Carol : 5 Stars****
Hard to put down!

“This book swept me away.”

Joseph F. Gandurski: 5 Stars****
Page-turning excitement.

“Jonni Anderson takes her readers on a voyage of the mind.”

Jeremy: 5 Stars****
I would definitely recommend this book to anyone

“This book had me from page 1! I was drawn in to a different world, the way Ms. Anderson vividly describes this other unimaginable place, and makes it a reality.”

Lulu Daisy: 5 Stars*****

“Great Book! I could really identify with the characters and I liked their interactions, their relationships.”

Midwest Book Review: “. . . a psychological fantasy with strong spiritual elements, highly recommended.”

N. L. Quatrano, On Target Words: 5 Stars*****
Move over, Seeker...

“. . . Powerful pacing that literally drags the reader by the collar through lifelike scenes that take your breath away. The characters stay with you long after you've closed the book and I'm already missing them. Hoping to see a lot more of Jonni Anderson and soon! Bravo!!”

Brussels, Belgium: "I read it. I loved it. When will the sequel be available? Nice world, nice character. Well done, Captain!”

Chiang Mai, Thailand: 5 Stars*****
“Couldn't go to sleep till I'd finished the book! Cranwold may be finished, but I'm wondering what all those folks are doing now. If there isn't a sequel, I'm going to be pissed off.”

Toronto, Canada: 5 Stars*****

“Wonderfully executed tale about coming into one's own self. An old concept brought to life through an original, spiritual, mythical, adventurous, and very unique storyline. I was hooked from page one!”

Paranormal Romance Guild: 5 Stars*****
“This was a very heartwarming story and it was very spiritual leaving me examining my own beliefs. . . The ending was perfect.”




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